Private Online Music Lessons (via FaceTime, Facebook Messenger or Skype)

Flynn has limited openings for online students in the following:

ACOUSTIC GUITAR: folk, bluegrass, Irish trad; flatpicking (fiddle tunes and improvisation), rhythm/accompaniment, fingerstyle. 

MANDOLIN: folk, bluegrass, Irish trad. Left- and Right-hand ornamentation, technique exercises.

MUSIC THEORY: Tonal and Modal Harmony and Counterpoint; specializing in the understanding and analysis of folk and traditional music in terms of the Classical music theory tradition. 

and for extra-special nerds only:

TUNING THEORY: Introduction to the Pythagorean tradition; understanding frequency ratios, the harmonic series, and Just Intonation vs. Tempered tuning.


Lesson availability: weekday daytimes (eastern standard time), some weekday evening openings, occasional weekend daytimes. 

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