Umakotshasha Acoustic guitar intro to one of the first Zulu Masakandi songs ~ by John Bhengu 55.3 KB
Blue Trail of Sorrow Adam Steffey's mandolin break from the Alison Krauss recording So Long, So Wrong 49.8 KB
Fletch Taylor a 3/2 fiddle tune I wrote when I was a student in California in the late 90s 28.1 KB
The Cleveland Boy another 3/2 fiddle I wrote to go in a set with Fletch Taylor 40.7 KB
The Good Part a fiddle tune I wrote ca. 2005. we recorded it on the Low Lily album 10,000 Days Like These 34.6 KB
Dawggy Mountain Breakdown Tony Rice's guitar break from the David Grisman record Dawg Grass 83.7 KB
Rounding the Ivy Brick by Rushad Eggleston - a cool fiddle tune possibly composed on a tenor banjo in Irish tuning (GDAE) with a very Baroque B-part 43 KB
Mayor of Simpleton - outro the brilliant XTC song from 1989 has a super cool contrapuntal outro, my transcription and analysis 126 KB